Thursday, March 17, 2011

Thunder turns off Miami's heat, 96-85

OKC's magical duo, Durant and Westbrook, displayed their superhuman abilities by combining 47 points to Wednesday night's victory against Miami Heat (96-85).

If you separate these two, they still remain strong individually. Humble Durant led OKC with 29 points, while Westbrook added 18. Double points weren't enough for Durant - he also grabbed seven rebounds and had six assists.

Wade and Bosh scored 21 points for the Heat meanwhile James added 19. Together, they combined to shoot 21 of 69, one of their worst outings of the season.

OKC's reserves scored 31 points altogether.

The Thunder held Miami Heat to 38.5% shooting from the field, as Durant beat LeBron James for the first time in seven attempts.

With a determined defense, especially in the third quarter, OKC took a 67-62 lead into the fourth quarter and never looked back again.

"This was a good win against a team on the road. I told the guys before the game, it's a big game but there are 82 of them. We can't treat this game any different than we did Washington last game or Charlotte coming up Friday night" - said coach Scott Brooks.

This game marks the fifth win in a row for Oklahoma City Thunder. Next up is the game against Charlotte Bobcats on Friday.

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Andrew Leff said...

WOW! I guess it really helps to have the best young PG in the league running your team, right?

sxlm3c8lbk said...

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