Thursday, March 24, 2011

Thunder plays quality music to Jazz II, 94-106

All-Stars Durant and Westbrook, combined together stupendous 60 points which gave the Thunder a bounce-back win against Utah Jazz on Wednesday night (94-106).

To this victory, except Westbrook's 31 and Durant's 29 points, the ones that contributed were also Serge Ibaka and Nazr Muhammed.
Ibaka's great performance was crowned with 15 points and 13 rebounds, while Muhammed scored 10, respectively four.

Sefolosha's two steals and four assists, and Perkins' two blocks, increased Thunder's opportunity for the fifth time to hold opponents to less than 100 points.

OKC's and Jazz's game during the third quarter was crucial at determining the winner of the game. Tied at 61 with only four minutes left, the Thunder took a nine point lead into the fourth quarter.

As the end of the game was approaching, humble Durant hit two 3-pointers to boost the lead to 16 points. This high deficit made OKC comfortable enough to continue their path straight to victory.

"It's good to get a nice bounce-back win. They're a very physical team. We knew they would play with desperation and I thought we matched their physical play" - said coach Scott Brooks.

Brooks also said a few nice words about Mohammed's game - "Nazr did a good job of giving us a good spark when we needed it," he mentioned. "He is a very smart player and understands his role, what the team needs and when it needs it".

Thunder next game is against Minnesota Timberwolves, Friday.

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