Thursday, February 3, 2011

Thunderstorm over New Orleans Hornets, 104-93

It was one of those games.
You know, the ones where even the snow storm can't stop Durant from scoring 43 points; 10 rebounds were also added by him to mark an important victory over the New Orleans Hornets (104-93).

Jeff Green and Russell Westbrook also contributed by scoring 12, respectively 10 points and eight assists.

Serge Ibaka also did a great job by scoring eight points, 12 rebounds and six blocks.
"I think his first three possessions he gave us three rebounds and that's what we want from him every night. I thought he was really good. He was active tonight, and that's what we need from him."- Brooks said.

This was Thabo Sefolosha's third straight missed game because of his sprained left knee.
His status remains day-to-day.

OKC's defense was at their best during the third quarter, limiting the Hornets to only 17 points on 4-for-20 shooting. With time running out, Durant grabbed a rebound and nailed a step-back jumper at the buzzer.

David West led the Hornets with 20 points and 15 rebounds. Chris Paul added his share with 15 points and five assists. Hornets' forward Trevor Ariza left left the game during the third quarter due to a sprained ankle.

Although they tried their best, the only worth-mentioning highlight from New Orleans Hornets was when their bus got stuck and they had to switch to another one. While doing so, Chris Paul and Trevor Ariza decided to throw snowballs at coach Monty Williams, who playfully said he has yet to determine their fines.

Thunder's next game is against Phoenix, Friday night. Until then...

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