Saturday, January 8, 2011

Thunder wins over Dallas - third time's a charm

Tomorrow is officially the day when I become a year more mature.

Tomorrow is my birthday people!

Not that it has much to do with Oklahoma City Thunder or anything...actually it has nothing to do with our team.
Except the fact that my birthday wish will be all about OKC. I mean, I will ask for something special, like having a piano. Also, I would love to have a special Happy Birthday from KD...

Well, enough about me. Let's talk OKC now.

I hate to say it but - I told you so! Third time IS a charm.

OKC got back on their feet after suffering two losses. The third game wasn't going to be the same though. Our team won over Dallas Mavericks with a result 99-95.

The first half didn't contain that much of a solid game. The second one though, was a strong indicator that the Thunder was doing a great job with a much stronger defense.

The Thunder as a team, had nine thefts only at the first half. Seven OKC players were given credits for at least one steal, all attached to Durant and Harden's three steals.

Shawn Marion took care to almost keep up with OKC since the Mavs were short-handed. Of course, that wasn't enough to break the Thunder's defense.

Our team did a helluva good job with Kevin Durant leading the way - he scored 28 points, two rebounds and three assists while Russell Westbrook had 15 points and nine assists. Jeff Green had 16 points and nine rebounds, and Serge Ibaka added 13 points and eight rebounds.

OKC's next game is against Memphis Grizzlies. Let's hope that this time instead of Third, we'll say second time's a charm.

A piano or a simple Happy Birthday from humble Durant is a dream come true. But what really counts for me and you my friends, I think, is simply the fact that you can turn to someone and say: You didn't forget!


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