Monday, January 3, 2011

Thunder - Spurs review

The Thunder has been on a roller-coaster lately and definitely didn't enjoy the ride.

OKC's 2010 had a great closure by beating Hawks 103-94, winning previous games against Nets 114-93, then falling to Mavericks 103-93 and last but not least - San Antonio Spurs debacle 101-74.

Let's stop at the latter, shall we?

This game marked a season-low of 33 percent shooting which lead to a much deserved win of Spurs with a result 101-74. Our humble Durant also had a season low - scored only 16 points.

The first quarter was the strongest indicator that the Thunder was in a fragile shape. Our guys missed 10 of 12 scoring opportunities and fell behind by 14 points.

OKC though, won over Spurs when it comes to offensive rebounds (Thunder 14, Spurs 11) and turnovers (Thunder 19, Spurs 14).

To the list of season-lows we can add Russell Westbrook's appearance who scored only eight points and the 10 assists in total of the team.

Just like any other game, a player stands out from the rest. Although in the midst of a debacle, Serge Ibaka managed to score for the Thunder 14 points, 13 rebounds and four blocks.

This loss is very hard to swallow but we have other games to look forward to, such as Tuesday's game against Memphis Grizzlies. Plus it's only the beginning of the year which means that Thunder fans have one more number to add at their New Year's Resolutions list - to be more supportive of their favorite team.

Either way, I always say: Keep your hair and your New Year's Resolutions list short - they're more manageable that way.

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