Monday, January 10, 2011

Thunder - Grizzlies recap

Never say to Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook the words don't and stop - unless these two words are used in a sentence.

NBA's highest scoring duo put their magic to work by combining 62 points as the Thunder won over Grizzlies 109-100. Together they missed only one of their 24 free throws.

OKC led the game 99-97 with only 2:09 minutes left. After that, the Thunder scored a chain of nine consecutive points and took the high road.

This game's limelight was humble Durant who scored 40 points, grabbed eight rebounds and four assists. Westbrook scored a double-double with 22 points and eleven assists.

The Thunder as a team had 47 total rebounds and 18 turnovers while scoring 38 points in the paint.

"We beat a really good team tonight. They're a match-up problem for everyone in the league."
coach Scott Brooks said.

Durant and Westbrook are turning into the best and toughest match-up for any team. OKC's next game is against Houston. Let's hope that our magical duo has still some magic tricks left on their sleeves to win games like this one.


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