Thursday, January 27, 2011

Thunder stops T-Wolves from howling

OKC Thunder won over Minnesota Timberwolves in OT with a tight result 118-117.

This happened all thanks to Durant's amazing appearance who managed to score as many as 47 points and a career-high 18 rebounds.
By doing this, humble Durant helped the Thunder get back on their feet from a three-game road losing streak.

Jeff Green and Russell Westbrook also landed a hand at last night's victory. Green scored 19 points while Westbrook added 16.

Durant showed his scoring abilities especially during the final minutes of the game. He kept scoring big shots which helped at stopping the Timberwovles.

During the overtime, the two teams applied the saying "it's all or nothing". There was hardly ever a two-point lead that stayed like that for long. But the turning point was definitely a missed free throw by Corey Brewer with 7.6 remaining in OT.
The Thunder took advantage of that and closed the game with a one point win.

To close it up, here's something that humble Durant said that's worth putting on the best basketball quotes - "...a fun game to be a part of. A game as a fan you hate to see end. As a player you want to play these type of games".


Friday, January 21, 2011

Thunder - Lakers recap

If it's sharp, shiny or electric, avoid it at all costs.

"Score at will" is the best way to put into words Russell Westbrook's game against the Lakers. His amazing 32 points, 12 assists and two steals weren't enough though to win Monday night's game (94-101).
Even though the Thunder didn't leave from Los Angeles with a victory,at least they earned LA Lakers' respect.

"We don't look at them as kids any more," Odom said. "This team pushed us last year. We have to play them hard, or else they can stick it to you when it counts. They're still one of the best teams in the league. We respect them."

Our humble Durant scored 24 points but he was 8-for-24 shooting while Serge Ibaka added 11 points and 10 rebounds who marks only the third OKC player with double digits.

The Lakers led by 15 points but the Thunder cut it down in the third quarter to 78-75. Later, with only 2:04 minutes left, OKC approached to Los Angeles within 98-94.

But Westbrook missed two free throws of his own with 21.4 seconds left before airballing a 3–point attempt. If he'd manage to score those, we'd be celebrating and partying.
In other words - as Ricky Gervais recently said: It's going to be a night of partying and heavy drinking. Or as Charlie Sheen calls it: breakfast.


Friday, January 14, 2011

Thunder steals Orlando's magic

A last-second battle is what defines last night's game against Orlando Magic. The result was very close (125-124) but even with a 3-pointer at the buzzer, Magic found the Thunder unstoppable.

Unstoppable is the perfect definition of Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook's appearance - together they combined 68 points which gave the Thunder the fourth straight win.

Durant led OKC with 36 points (his third straight game with more than 30 points) while Westbrook added his second triple-double of the season with 32 points, 13 assists and 10 rebounds.

OKC started the fourth quarter very well by taking the largest lead of the game at 98-86 which was the main indicator of the last night's winner.

Orlando's center, Dwight Howard scored high numbers - yes, higher than KD. He added 39 points and 18 rebounds as his team went home with a loss.

OKC's next game is against LA Lakers.
We need our team to get ready, relax, have a massage, sleep and eat well. Even though the Lakers are favored to win this game, the Thunder has the opportunity to show people that being an underdog has it's own advantages, while the Lakers have the disadvantages of the overdog.

Until then, Thunderup!!!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Thunder - Grizzlies recap

Never say to Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook the words don't and stop - unless these two words are used in a sentence.

NBA's highest scoring duo put their magic to work by combining 62 points as the Thunder won over Grizzlies 109-100. Together they missed only one of their 24 free throws.

OKC led the game 99-97 with only 2:09 minutes left. After that, the Thunder scored a chain of nine consecutive points and took the high road.

This game's limelight was humble Durant who scored 40 points, grabbed eight rebounds and four assists. Westbrook scored a double-double with 22 points and eleven assists.

The Thunder as a team had 47 total rebounds and 18 turnovers while scoring 38 points in the paint.

"We beat a really good team tonight. They're a match-up problem for everyone in the league."
coach Scott Brooks said.

Durant and Westbrook are turning into the best and toughest match-up for any team. OKC's next game is against Houston. Let's hope that our magical duo has still some magic tricks left on their sleeves to win games like this one.


Saturday, January 8, 2011

Thunder wins over Dallas - third time's a charm

Tomorrow is officially the day when I become a year more mature.

Tomorrow is my birthday people!

Not that it has much to do with Oklahoma City Thunder or anything...actually it has nothing to do with our team.
Except the fact that my birthday wish will be all about OKC. I mean, I will ask for something special, like having a piano. Also, I would love to have a special Happy Birthday from KD...

Well, enough about me. Let's talk OKC now.

I hate to say it but - I told you so! Third time IS a charm.

OKC got back on their feet after suffering two losses. The third game wasn't going to be the same though. Our team won over Dallas Mavericks with a result 99-95.

The first half didn't contain that much of a solid game. The second one though, was a strong indicator that the Thunder was doing a great job with a much stronger defense.

The Thunder as a team, had nine thefts only at the first half. Seven OKC players were given credits for at least one steal, all attached to Durant and Harden's three steals.

Shawn Marion took care to almost keep up with OKC since the Mavs were short-handed. Of course, that wasn't enough to break the Thunder's defense.

Our team did a helluva good job with Kevin Durant leading the way - he scored 28 points, two rebounds and three assists while Russell Westbrook had 15 points and nine assists. Jeff Green had 16 points and nine rebounds, and Serge Ibaka added 13 points and eight rebounds.

OKC's next game is against Memphis Grizzlies. Let's hope that this time instead of Third, we'll say second time's a charm.

A piano or a simple Happy Birthday from humble Durant is a dream come true. But what really counts for me and you my friends, I think, is simply the fact that you can turn to someone and say: You didn't forget!


Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Thunder - Grizzlies

January is a great month - and I'm not saying this just because Muhammad Ali, Jim Carrey, Elvis Presley, Denzel Washington and, ahem - me, were born during this month.
A lot of nice things occur on January but judging their last games played this month, the Thunder ain't thinkin' the same.

OKC fell to Memphis Grizzlies 110-105. Memphis carved their victory as early as in the first quarter.

The second quarter was all Thunder. Our guys managed to lead the game most of the time and also went to halftime tied at 55. The third one, needless to say had it written Memphis Grizzlies all over with Rudy Gay leading the way.

The Thunder as a team, collected only three offensive rebounds, while in general OKC was outnumbered by Memphis 42-31.

Russell Westbrook was the one who had impressive numbers - he scored 28 points, seven assists and four rebounds. Kevin Durant also had the same scoring numbers - 28, made nine rebounds, three assists and two steals.

OKC's next game is against Dallas Mavericks. Our team lost both meetings against them but hey, you know what they say: Third time's a charm!

We could really use a little luck.
I'm just sayin'...


Monday, January 3, 2011

Thunder - Spurs review

The Thunder has been on a roller-coaster lately and definitely didn't enjoy the ride.

OKC's 2010 had a great closure by beating Hawks 103-94, winning previous games against Nets 114-93, then falling to Mavericks 103-93 and last but not least - San Antonio Spurs debacle 101-74.

Let's stop at the latter, shall we?

This game marked a season-low of 33 percent shooting which lead to a much deserved win of Spurs with a result 101-74. Our humble Durant also had a season low - scored only 16 points.

The first quarter was the strongest indicator that the Thunder was in a fragile shape. Our guys missed 10 of 12 scoring opportunities and fell behind by 14 points.

OKC though, won over Spurs when it comes to offensive rebounds (Thunder 14, Spurs 11) and turnovers (Thunder 19, Spurs 14).

To the list of season-lows we can add Russell Westbrook's appearance who scored only eight points and the 10 assists in total of the team.

Just like any other game, a player stands out from the rest. Although in the midst of a debacle, Serge Ibaka managed to score for the Thunder 14 points, 13 rebounds and four blocks.

This loss is very hard to swallow but we have other games to look forward to, such as Tuesday's game against Memphis Grizzlies. Plus it's only the beginning of the year which means that Thunder fans have one more number to add at their New Year's Resolutions list - to be more supportive of their favorite team.

Either way, I always say: Keep your hair and your New Year's Resolutions list short - they're more manageable that way.