Saturday, November 27, 2010

Thunder lights up Pacers

And we’re back!

OKC’s duo, Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook put some hocus in their pocus last night!

I’m not sure if this magic happened due to Thanksgiving and Black Friday, but the Thunder was certainly giving away points like they were presents while the Pacers’ defense just couldn’t get enough!

Last night’s victory was all Westbrook. He scored 43 points – that’s FORTY-THREE points! These great scoring numbers were a powerful catalyst to OKC’s victory over Pacers with a result 110-106 in OT.

Due to circumstances, like time zone, I couldn’t watch this game. So there will not be any details or slow – mo’ this time. Only some vivid imagination with Kevin Durant. Scoring, that is.

Anyway, life’s good people. Especially during the holidays when we have the chance to show our generous side and thankfulness.

Among other things, I’m thankful for technology’s advancement that breaks all barriers, such as time zone. By doing this, it enables people like me, who happen to live on the other side of the world to keep up with the wow’s of the now.

But one day, I’ll see Oklahoma City Thunder’s games in person. Someday, someway, somehow, I won’t need no technology, not even 3D screens. I will actually do something that for other people turned into a habit.

Oh, Earth’s calling. I better get that one.

Thunder’s next game is against Houston Rockets. It might be easy, it might be difficult. It all depends if our guys continue adding that hocus in their pocus.

But whatever happens, always remember that life is good. God is a great painter. Everything He creates is a work of art. If you don’t believe me look at the sun, the moon and the stars…and don’t forget thunder! ;)


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