Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Durant plays basketball with Obama

There's always next year, Durant said unexcited
after finding out that he wasn't invited
to play basketball with the man himself
Barack Obama, the U.S. President.

The game was for soldiers wounded in combat
not just for fun, it wasn't like that.
NBA stars Bryant, James and Wade
shot some hoops
but for Durant it wasn't late.

You know what they say,
better late than never.
Durant played bball
next month in September.

All that it took
was his agents to call
Obama's aide Reggie Love, that's all.

Along with him he took his mother,
grandmother and teammates but no other.
Maynor and Harden didn't even strife,
since they tweeted "I love my LIFE".

Except his birthday,
18 September
is a day of month Durant
will always remember.

What an opportunity,
almost heaven sent.
"It was a great feeling" he mentioned
"to meet the President".

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