Tuesday, November 23, 2010

OKC + Durant = Magic

He's back people!

No, not Elvis Presley!
I'm talking about Kevin Humble Durant.

After a two-game absence from a sprained ankle, Durant came back as if he never left. Along with teammate Jeff Green who had the same ankle issue, they lead OKC to victory against Minnesota with a result 117-107.

Durant grabbed eight rebounds, five assists and scored 28 points while Green contributed by scoring 24 points. Westbrook's great appearance was crowned with 20 points and 14 assists.

Sefolosha got an offensive rebound and kicked it out to Green, who scored a key three-pointer with only 54.5 seconds left.

Except wonderful scoring numbers, the Thunder continued to do a phenomenal job of sharing the ball, a total of 20 assists on 24 baskets.

This nine-game winning streak has helped the Thunder to rank no.5 in the Western Conference. If our guys continue to keep up the good work, OKC will rise even more.
If they maintain the same pace, people will remember the Thunder for a very long time ( and every time there are thunder lightnings in the sky) ;)


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