Thursday, September 24, 2009

An Early Look to Oklahoma City's 2009-2010 Season

Are they well equipped to compete for a playoff spot? Or are they heading for the lottery once again? Let's have a look on how they look on paper.

Their projected starting line-up is really formidable and can compete with the best of them. At the guards, you have Russell Westbrook and probably James Harden (or Thabo). Russell can create for his teammates but still has a suspect outside shot. Maybe a year or two he'll be averaging 1 3pm a game. At the forwards spot is where the Thunder are OUTSTANDING. Kevin Durant and Jeff Green. I see a breakout year for both of these players. The more experience they have, the more dangerous these two can be. I can see Durant averaging 27 a game while Green averaging 18. Let's just hope they can mature and play some defense eventually. This is their weak spot, the Center position. Nenad Krstic is soft and won't probably help them a lot. Nick Collison can get some minutes here but they should trade for a someone who can bruise inside. Their bench is what will kill them, they literally have no one. They are banking on a resurrection by the boy wonder, Shaun Livingston.

Playoffs or Bust? What do you think?

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Dave Gross said...

This team is going to win 50 and make the playoffs. Who saw that coming?!?!