Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Game Time, T-Wolves

Out first preseason game tips off tonight.

And for all our readers in Billings, if you are over 6'8" and can play a little ball, come on down and I bet you can get some minutes for the Thunder.

Notes tomorrow.


Marina said...

Where's my notes, Joe? It's been almost a month.

Joshua Bell said...

I love how OKC blog sites and fan sites alike have very, very little traffic on them. The Sonics are gone from Seattle, and while most Seattle citizens no longer really watch the NBA...they show more support to the online community of it all than ya'll do. That is hilarious...for real. Big League, huh? Heh heh heh....

Anonymous said...

2 months now. What a joke (team, Blog, and City).

Anonymous said...

Its true it is a joke. OKC is a joke of a town. The team plays worse there than it ever did in seattle, you guys suck asshole. And this blog is a joke, you never post anything. Eat a dick you bastard!

Anonymous said...

I have to agree with Soicsfan.This sites a fuckin' joke, so is OKC and i'm from Montana!

Unknown said...

Oklahoma Thunder is the laughing stock of the league. The NBA made a huge mistake moving promoting the move from Seattle. The Thundercloud will be long gone from little old Oklahoma city in a few years sold off to Las Vegas or somewhere. No one will miss them or care, except for maybe the rich idiots who will lose millions in the process. No premium player in his right mind would ever play for then-no matter how much money is offered

Unknown said...

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