Saturday, July 26, 2008

Sam Presti Has "Disciprine"

C.J. Miles will not know how sweet waving wheat can smell and will be playing ball for Utah next year. Utah thinks Miles has yet to reach his potential and matched the offer OKC put on the table a week ago. Consensus was that he was going to be a big addition the team and become part of our "core" players. I disagree and look forward to other moves Presti will make.

Even if Miles was on the team, we are not going to be a winner right away. We have to be patient and that is exactly what Presti is; he has much "Disciprine." We could go after some of the high priced talent that is on the free agent market, but none of the names out there would turn us into winners any time soon. The pool of free agents this year, looking more specifically at the ones we can afford under the cap, is weak. We could go after a Salim Stoudamire or a Theo Ratliff, but the type of contacts they would require versus the their output would keep us out of contention for a long time. Presti says, "There has to be discipline and a meticulous nature to how you build the program" and I couldn't agree more.

Are we going to win it all next year? Probably not, but with Presti as GM we will be competing for championships within 3 years.


CGHill said...

Which leads to the next question: who's on the trading block? There are three expiring contracts in the mix: Wilcox, Marshall and Griffin.

(Actually, the presence of Marshall is the best argument for "Marshalls" as a team name.)

But I have to figure that Ridnour expects to be traded - he was selling his house in Seattle before the settlement was announced - and surely we don't need all those centers.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Mess is Presti won't have the team to .500 in 3 years

Anonymous said...

Meant to type "my guess" not "Mess" in last post but my guess it will be a mess and Presti's mess for quite awhile.

Anonymous said...

Mr Presti has some good young talent. He will get more. But he will be wasting it all if he cannot get a better coach than PJ Carlissimo. I am from Seattle and have followed this franchise from the start. Good players are always out there, but good coaches are a hard find. The reason Seattle lost the franchise is because they drove away their only successful coaches. PJ is one of the lower echelon coaches in the league--he would be in the same position in any league.

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