Sunday, July 20, 2008

Our New Team Name, The Oklahoma City Thunder

Well, word is that we have a name. The Oklahoma City Thunder. This is far from official, but this has been one of the more popular names discussed.

It covers Central Oklahoma's fascination with the weather and it makes for easy branding. The team has not confirmed this is the name and no colors have been rumored.

Personally, I was pulling for outlaws, but I can work with the Thunder. It sure is better than ThunderCats.

What do you think fans? Poll on the sidebar.


Anonymous said...

I still prefer the Oklahoma City Bombers

Anonymous said...

I think the bombers is the only way to go!!! :) HAHAHA

Anonymous said...

OKC BOMBERS!!!!!!!!! they stole a team, within a few losing years it will leave OKC

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