Wednesday, May 1, 2013

The increasing popularity of sports betting

It would be hard to argue against the notion that sports betting is more popular than ever now, in the online digital era, than it has ever been before. People in the UK have always enjoyed betting on sports, and bookmakers have been part of life here since as far back as the 1920s, but the availability of such services online seems to have increased the number of people participating in this activity pretty steadily. So what is the reason for this increase in popularity?

It would seem likely that the sheer convenience of being able to bet on sports online has a fair bit to do with it – especially when it comes to the UK during the autumn and winter. Furthermore, sport itself is much more global these days – with major sporting events often screened live around the world, and available for anyone to see. With online sports betting making different betting markets freely available as well, these factors have surely increased the appeal. For those who do not have much knowledge of sports betting, old fashioned land-based bookmakers could also potentially be a slightly intimidating place – therefore being able to find tips information and place bets from home removes that issue – just like online casino sites do with casino gambling.

This is an important point to note, because casino gambling has also increased massively in popularity since the emergence of online casino sites, suggesting that both greater convenience and the removal of the intimidation factor involved in betting at the land-based versions of these establishments has played a key role in this. The fact that many online casinos also offer sports themed games may also be a contributory factor, as it is possible that some casino fans have developed an interest in betting on sports through playing these games, which you can Play here.

Friday, March 22, 2013

History of Betting

Betting is almost as old as the hills; certainly it is as old as civilisation. Evidence of betting has been found with all the ancient civilisations including Egyptian, Greek, Chinese and Roman.

Undoubtedly betting has its origins in religious rituals, the purpose of which was essentially to predict the future. The early rituals consisted of casting runes such as pebbles or sticks an interpreting the resulting pattern. In order to influence the patterns participants would ‘sacrifice’ items of value. This process organically evolved into placing bets on the outcomes, and enjoying the spoils should the required outcomes occur. This form of gambling was used to divide up food, land and artefacts; it was even used to settle disputes. Gambling became part of mythology, and it was believed that even the Gods gambled to divide up the earth and the heavens.

Some of the early gambling objects were dice and cards and many examples have been found in archaeological sites dating back 9,000 years or so.

It was not long before sports betting became very popular. It is easy to envisage the Romans betting on chariot races and the outcomes of tournaments and competitions. There is evidence of cockfighting dating back 7,000 years, and it appears to have been a very popular pastime.

Although gambling was a major pastime of the leaders of the Roman Empire, some of whom wagered huge sums of money and even lands, betting was not considered to be a suitable activity for the peasants and so it was strongly, though unsuccessfully, regulated. In fact everywhere that gambling arose there were attempts to curtail it, often with severe penalties for those who were caught doing so.

No doubt there was also a market for early bookmakers and tipsters though the latter were certainly not as reliable as modern ones such as

Friday, September 16, 2011

NBA Lockout - We miss Thunder

We miss Thunder.

Not the thunder and rain...actually, that too.

But more than that, everyone misses watching their favorite team play basketball. Everyone misses getting ready before a game as if you're going to play yourself, then facing other anti-sports people who don't understand your love for this game.

After that comes arguing with friends over questionable fouls, roaring and cheering for the team you love and sometimes, just sometimes, getting mad when the team is loosing but then regret it and declare your eternal love for them once they score a few three-pointers that lead to victory.

But most of all, us, the OKC Thunder fans, miss watching our favorite players as they create magic in the court. We miss getting ready before a game, as if we're going to play ourselves then facing other anti-sports people who don't understand our love for this game.

After that comes arguing with friends over questionable fouls, roaring and cheering for OKC, and sometimes, just sometimes, getting mad when the Thunder is loosing but then quickly regret it and declare our eternal love for them, once Durant scores a few three-pointers, Westbrook a few dunks and Ibaka blocks the other team from grabbing the victory from OKC Thunder's hands.

All overseas fans, we miss staying late, becoming night-owls just to watch and feel at the same time what everyone is feeling when OKC either wins or loses.

Hopefully things will sort out soon, but in the meantime, you can occupy yourself with EuroBasket Lithuania 2011 where a lot of NBA players are present, fighting for their beloved country.

Until the time comes to do all of the above mentioned,


Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Thunder stops Denver Nuggets' tempo, 101-94

Denver stumbled over Thunder on their way to adding one more victory to their six winning streak. But for OKC, only 12 minutes were required in order to let the Nuggets know who will win the game. During those minutes, Thunder took the lead by 27-16.

"That was big, especially after losing two in a row. We were more putting an emphasis on losing two in a row, trying to end that, than trying to clinch the division." - said humble Durant.

KD led the team with 32 points and nine rebounds. Westbrook contributed with 18, while Harden as usual, coming off the bench, added 13.
Ibaka and Perkins did a good job at grabbing rebounds - 14 and 11, respectively.

The forth quarter gave the Nuggets some hope when they scored five points which helped them take the lead, 72-69. Oklahoma City answered back with a 16-0 run, emphasized by Durant's slam on a pass from Maynor.

Throughout 1:45 minutes that were left, Denver tried tempestuously, but failed to catch the Thunder.

This game marked the first time OKC won against this team in seven straight games at the Pepsi Center.

Only five games remain until the end of the regular season. Thunder now, meets up with L.A. Clippers on Wednesday night.

Until then, and until the playoffs,


Thursday, March 31, 2011

Thunder stops Suns from shining, 116-98

On Wednesday night at the US Airways Center, Thunder played yet another phenomenal game. OKC added a third victory on their last two games - this time Phoenix Suns was their "victim" (116-98).

Looking back at his last appearances, it's no surprise to know that Harden, coming off the bench, scored high 22 points.

In his three previous games against the Suns, Durant had averaged 23.3 points. This time he scored 22 but only as a result of Grant Hill's noteworthy ability to guard him.

Serge Ibaka had 15 while Westbrook contributed with 16 points and eight assists.
A low number of points is not an indication of a job not done well enough - it's completely the opposite; Westbrook showed to everyone that he plays for the name in front on the jersey, not the one on the back.

Coach Scott Brooks had nothing but words of praise for him. -"Russell was really good tonight. He's had better stats in the past but he really controlled the game. He was active on the ball and I thought his command of the game put us in a position to win tonight."

With only eight games left in the season, Thunder meets with Portland Blazers on Friday night. Let's hope this game will be one of those games where the Thunder does what it does best - bring bad weather to other teams.


Thursday, March 24, 2011

Thunder plays quality music to Jazz II, 94-106

All-Stars Durant and Westbrook, combined together stupendous 60 points which gave the Thunder a bounce-back win against Utah Jazz on Wednesday night (94-106).

To this victory, except Westbrook's 31 and Durant's 29 points, the ones that contributed were also Serge Ibaka and Nazr Muhammed.
Ibaka's great performance was crowned with 15 points and 13 rebounds, while Muhammed scored 10, respectively four.

Sefolosha's two steals and four assists, and Perkins' two blocks, increased Thunder's opportunity for the fifth time to hold opponents to less than 100 points.

OKC's and Jazz's game during the third quarter was crucial at determining the winner of the game. Tied at 61 with only four minutes left, the Thunder took a nine point lead into the fourth quarter.

As the end of the game was approaching, humble Durant hit two 3-pointers to boost the lead to 16 points. This high deficit made OKC comfortable enough to continue their path straight to victory.

"It's good to get a nice bounce-back win. They're a very physical team. We knew they would play with desperation and I thought we matched their physical play" - said coach Scott Brooks.

Brooks also said a few nice words about Mohammed's game - "Nazr did a good job of giving us a good spark when we needed it," he mentioned. "He is a very smart player and understands his role, what the team needs and when it needs it".

Thunder next game is against Minnesota Timberwolves, Friday.

Until then,


Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Thunder's power weakens against Raptors, 95-93

OKC Thunder's ch√Ęteau of six straight victories collapsed Sunday night by Toronto Raptors (95-93).

Coming off the bench, James Harden led the Thunder with 23 points, followed by Westbrook's contribution with 22 and Durant's assistance with 20.

Kendrick Perkins did a great job by grabbing 12 rebounds but failed at scoring two crucial free throws that would have given OKC the lead by five points during the last seconds of the game.

"Our defense was great tonight but we just couldn't make any shots at the end. It is what it is. We just gotta work on it and move on" - said humble Durant.

Toronto's forward Amir Johnson, decided the final result of the game when he scored with only 1.4 seconds left. However, Durant took the responsibility to change the final result. He shot at the buzzer but failed. Hopes fell and so did the Thunder.

Next up for OKC is the game against Utah Jazz on Wednesday.

Until then - don't forget,

chin up and